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Choice Books

Choice Books is a direct-store-delivery (DSD) distributor of inspirational, wholesome, and family-oriented reading materials servicing displays in thousands of retail locations across the continental United States and Hawaii.

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Retail Partners
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Books in 2020


Choice Books’ goal is to provide its retailer partners and their customers with quality product and service. Choice Books hopes to maintain good working relationships with all retailer partners; to build a strong network of retailer partners; and to conduct and manage all business activity with integrity.  

Choice Books Offers Retailers….

Item Selection

Inspirational titles from more than 80 publishers


DSD (Direct-Store-Delivery) service by company staff

Great Margin

Excellent profit margin  

Guaranteed Sales

Guaranteed sales with 100% return privileges

Fixtures Supplied

Display fixtures to match store decor


Title assortment tailored to store demographics


Get In Touch

Think we have an opportunity to partner with you? Let's talk!

Nationwide Distribution

Our service representatives operate out of warehouses across the country to offer reliable service to our retail partners in each state